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January 20, 2010



Very good, Ed. This is a great comparison. Your posts always make me think. BUT, you've mentioned twice now that the age of a person is diminished, by 25 years, in the taking of these psychiatric drugs. Being reality-oriented, and a real "show me" type person--could you produce your source? I want to know for personal reasons, maybe to beat myself up for giving ritalin to Ben for 7 years, but also because I am presently on anti-depressants.

I think you are probably refering to the anti-psychotics, those wicked tongue-thrust, tardive-dyskinesia bastards. Am I correct?


Oh no, don't beat yourself up over something like that. I would hope people who take meds (which includes me) wouldn't feel that way either. (Also this isn't a proof based blog but instead more about ideas....ideas are all I have)

The way I wrote it here what you're referring to is:

"For adults who take these drugs, there is evidence that they live 25 years less than the average person. "

I use that statement or similar ones all the time on the blog and have linked it to studies but I don't know which posts right now. I see that statement all the time and I see it said in several different ways. Some say psychiatric patients in general, some say ant-psychotics, and some say schizophrenics but 25 years less is always the number. If you Google it you'll find lots of links on the subject. Here's one I just found. It also says patients smoke a lot and that's what the article is about.


"A study by the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Medical Directors Council in 2006 revealed that people with mental illness live an average of 25 years less than the general population."


Like the deaths in special ed classrooms, this is something I want to research further. I've got to quit being such a lazy blogger!!


This link above says that it was 10-15 years in the 90's, and it is 25 years now...something is UP!!

Thanks again, Ed, for your patience in dealing with this silly old lady. Have a great day!

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