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April 04, 2010



Yo dude!

You missed the point. My post isn't about ASAN - who I've independently criticized many times - it's about The Cult Of Michelle and the harm it may do to Neurodiversity.


Yo dude!

You missed the point. Your post is not the focus of my post. Your lack of respect and understanding of the issue along with outrageous attempts to attack with people with your spin (statements such as "The Cult Of Michelle and the harm it may do to Neurodiversity") will not be tolerated on this site.

Your future comments will be deleted.


Just a random thought, but perhaps there are two different issues being discussed here? They may both have come to light due to the same set of circumstances/situation, but they are not the same thing.

Ed is talking about issues regarding ASAN.

Socrates is talking about issues regarding Michelle Dawson.

I don't think these two topics negate each other. It is possible to have concerns about ASAN as well as concerns about Michelle.

Protect and Defend ALL autistic peoples

ASAN and its president stand to potentially do more harm to Neurodiversity than anything or anyone else. They need to do the honourable thing from here on out. They need to be transparent in their dealings. They need to stand against ALL abuse--even if it gets in the way of their political agenda. And they need to STOP waging campaigns against other autistics. It's not healthy for anyone :(


Did you also see the post by almandite on this topic? I think it's a very good attack on that kind of bullying rhetoric and focuses very nicely on that issue.


Yes Jannalou,

I agree. My blog typically focus's on principles rather than personalities and I don't abuse my privilege to write on this blog by attacking individuals. Representatives choose their role and the benefits which accompany it. Without responsibilities those benefits are stolen. An organization which cannot be questioned are by default an abusive one.

Focusing on personalities and the faults they expose or project is one of the typical abuses that organizations use to avoid having to understand the people they represent. Not trying to understand the people you represent is especially harmful to autistics. I want to advocate seeing that change in organizations that represent us.


I didn't read it.

Protect and Defend ALL autistic peoples

Once you sit on a tax-exempt US non-profit and/or engage in political lobbying you cannot [legally] ask for your identity to be concealed {and especially not while politicking for one's own cause}. This is what led to confusion about the entire matter, actually.


The post SBWG linked to was more about vicitmization and bullying than the specifics of ASAN policy. I agree about the basis of the confusion, though.

Protect and Defend ALL autistics

ASAN policy, whatever that may be, is beside the point at this juncture. It's US lobbying laws and IRS regs that are paramount.


Ah, but ASAN policy is the point, because it needs to be in alignment with the US lobbying laws and IRS regulations.

And I was simply responding to what you said to SBWG, since what you said didn't relate to what she said. :)

Laurentius Rex

For whatever's sake we are destroying ourselves here

Michelle is not perfect she fails on so many points.

Socrates can be a complete arse hole

What makes Dinah so precious?

Get with it, the enemy is out there they don't care they will exploit our differences.

I am happy to say I have never been an acolyte of Michelle's, and for goodness sake we have to stop this notion of appointing saints amongst us, no one deserves that accolade

Do you all want to acknowledge the real truth, and that is that there is no difference (I am going to put it into capitals) THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between neurotypical and autistic BULLSHIT.


Here is a famous quote by Albert Einstein that I feel relates to this subject at hand: "Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized." Every neurodiversity advocate deserves respect for their efforts, but no one should be put on a pedestal and thought of as the "true representative" of all of us, nor should they have a cult of personality around them.


I agree with Larry. The representative that chooses to be that has a responsibility though. Whatever anyone chooses to think of a person who doesn't is their personal responsibility and not the idol they create.

Anyone who would burden someone else with their own idolatry is being selfish, inconsiderate, and mean.


I mainly agree with the problem with appointing saints. That's a good point.

Rather than an enemy "out there" not caring though, the comprises are great enough so that there's not really any difference. The only thing I see any organization doing that makes a difference is including more people and treating them respectfully. ASAN isn't doing that.

ASAN represents a very small (tiny)number of people and is being deceitful about representing lots more. They may be given the authority to create change based on that false belief they promote.

Focusing on non-ASAN leaders and there personality's (faults and all) is an attack on the people ASAN claims to represent. That's a mistake ASAN can't afford to make and I hope more people will speak up about that. Everyone is hurt by allowing that to continue.


I see

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