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August 17, 2010



It's no wonder that the majority of research goes to science, which seeks to cure us or behavioral therapy, which seeks to normalize us and very little goes for education, training, and accommodation.

I had forgotten how brilliant you really are. I hesitate to post...

The thing is, I have found the most brilliant, also, teachers online to educate my son. They are not there physically, but they have set up the programs so my son can learn in the way that works best for him, without the constant social adjustments of the public education institutions.

It's like they've used their minds, not their physical presence, to present the material to him. They've set up a curriculum, and although I am "homeschooling"--I am not teaching anything, just finding the right programs that teach in a way my son learns. It's very exciting to see him grow!

What I'm trying to say is, perhaps we shouldn't be looking into the public education system to educate our kids with learning differences at all, because it seems they can be incapable of it. They're too "stoopid" or something , ha!(Turn around is fair play...)They will never admit it, it's the kid's fault, afterall...

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