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November 01, 2010


Kat Bjornstad

As you're aware, you are still on the list of participants for Autistics Speaking Day, because I refused to delete you over a disagreement between us and you did not tell me that you wanted your name removed. I was checking the original list of people who wanted to participate for any posts that I missed, I'm only writing here to ask if it is okay if I share this along with the other blog posts I've been sharing all day. If you don't respond I'll assume no, and I won't bother you again. I just didn't want to assume either way


Your comment is misleading. I'm aware of no such thing. I was not involved in a disagreement with you or anyone. You continue to make assumptions followed by attacks. I am not concerned about what you do with a link to my blog post. Claiming that I have these choices or have had them is false.

Kat Bjornstad

I'm confused as to where I attacked you there, but I told you when we had the argument that you were still welcome to participate.


Kat, You are welcome to use my blog post as one that is participating in the Autistics Speaking Day event. Thank you for including my post in this event. :)

Jean Kearns Miller

I'm glad to have access to your thinking through this blog. It nourishes my thinking about neurological hegemony, a subject I've been working on for many years but haven't started to compose into a book. When an organization of chapters comes to mind, I'll be able to get going. Your work generates lots of crystal clear insights. for which I am very grateful.

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